The MS Struggle is Real

As a little girl, I went through trying times, filled with so much heartache and pain and I always found a way to be OK and to be grateful and thankful for life! I look at my husband & 3 sons and know they’re my greatest blessings. I have an amazing support system, I’m loved, and I feel it daily.

And yet, nothing could’ve ever prepared me for life with MS. It has shown me many ups and downs, crazy turns, beautiful triumphs and most of all my own strength & faith and the Grace of God!

I’m currently in an acute relapse of MS and it’s hard to believe I’ve been living with this since 2001! Through all the tremors, clumsiness, tingling/ numbness (times when I couldn’t even get out of bed because my legs just wouldn’t work), spasticity / weakness, cognitive impairment, dizziness, pain (excruciating pain), chronic fatigue and countless other symptoMS, I’m still here.

As my husband encourages me, appreciates me for being me and constantly pushes me to fight through this, I’ll be starting my daily steroids for awhile and pray a change in DMT won’t have to happen! He also knows I have days when strength just isn’t in me and I just need to “be”. On these days he lets me know everything will be okay and if ever it isn’t he’ll forever be, right by my side! He wipes my tears when I cry and just sits until I’m okay, again!

Stay strong warriors. Even though our stories are different, we’re the only ones who understand what it’s like to live with such an unpredictable and life changing thing! What’s the saying… You don’t get it, till you get it! Totally true for Multiple Sclerosis! 💪🧡

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