I’m Crystal! I’m a Mommy of three awesome sons, and Wife of an amazingly loving and very supportive husband! I’m also a Nurse, living with MS. While I am my own person, I thrive off of being good to others! Having Multiple Sclerosis has taught me patience, amongst other things… I aim to be a model of grace & strength ☺️




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    1. Thank you so much… you’re such an awesome person, to say the least! I appreciate the kindness you’ve shown!! Your strength is also inspiring and I love your positivity as well!! You take care, too! 🧡

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      1. You are more than welcome! You just brought tears to my eyes! I am so glad that I have been able to help you somewhat! I understand that struggles of MS and really want to be able to help! If I can ever do anything for you please do not hesitate to email me anytime! Take care and continue to stay strong!! You are a wonderful person!!!

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      2. I’m hoping those were good tears?! You’ve definitely restored my faith in humanity! Thank you again, for your kindness! It’s a blessing our paths crossed at the same time! Likewise!!

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      3. Oh they were good tears! Your comment made me so happy! I told my husband that there are still good caring people out there. You restored my faith in humanity as well! I am so glad that we have been given this opportunity!!!


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