“…be strong and courageous! God is with you wherever you go.”

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I probably shouldn’t do this, ever… But, when I compare my present self to my old self (my true self) there is barely a twinkle of recognition! Optic Neuritis, tingling, numbness, falling, extreme fatigue, muscle spasms, and pain stop me in my tracks daily…thanks #MS!  Swelling from a #LupusFlare makes my shoes too tight and my fingers feel like popping. #JointPain is so consuming that I don’t remember how it feels to have “normal” knees. For Crystal with MS, planning ahead is pointless, but that’s how our 🌎 works. So, I have to find a way to be a part of it! #MS #Lupus #GoingMyOwnWay #BeingTrueToMe #FindingBalance #DeepThoughts #MSMadeMeStronger



Today marks my one year diagnosis of RRMS. Although I’ve been living with symptoms since 2001, 6 months after having my first baby boy… nothing could’ve prepared me for that day! After years of countless episodes of Optic Neuritis, migraines, dizziness, and being light headed… I’d finally moved to the big leagues when I couldn’t feel my 3 sons perfect faces any longer or walk without my knees buckling. Numbness and tingling were at an all time high. Then the MRI (4th one btw) that changed everything, and gave me a name for it all. As if the lesions weren’t enough… I had a Spinal Tap… ummm Crystal just as we’ve suspected, you have MS 👎🏽

Needless to say, MS is life long, I’ll need to rely on my faith in God and strength, forever. This isn’t going anywhere! Through this entire experience thus far, I realize that you can’t change people. But you can be grateful for those that stand by you through every step of the way, literally! It’s not easy to live this way, in tough times, everyday. The pain doesn’t go away, I’ve just made room for It! I do it for my boys, to show them that no matter what’s thrown your way, giving up is NOT an option. I look at the bright side, if I have pain it means I’m still able to feel! And well, I simply can’t fathom the alternative!